Reppu Hijiri

Reppu at a Glance

Somewhat odd, glowing green eyes might be immediately drawing, but then you get to the woman beyond those. Strong-willed, determined, and possibly abrasive, Reppu is not known to mince words unless a soft tone would make a difference. An accomplished adventurer in her own right, with magical prowess of note, this Raen keeps her body and mind equally honed to enable her to step into a situation with confidence fitting her pedigree of knighthood and sorcery. Albeit taller than your average Raen, poise and physique show a history of combat and constant strives to keep herself in a condition worthy of her standing.

Character Details

Server: BalmungGender: FemaleRace: Crossbred RaenEthnicity/Nationality: Ishgardian/SharlayanAge: Early 30'sHeight: 160 cmHair: PinkEyes: Green, Jade GlowHome Locale: Limsa Lominsa/Ishgard


  • Feldschlacht: Fighting. More fighting. Reppu is distinctively battle-hardened, for better or for worse. Be it fighting in the wars of the land, her training in traditional Ishgardian war techniques, or just getting into the odd scrap. Rich in experience, practical or otherwise, her ability to adapt in a fight is noteworthy. Difficult to catch flat-footed, often bored and hard to surprise, Reppu is not too eager to engage in combat unless something is truly intriguing to her.

  • Sharlayan Academic: As a younger lass, Reppu spent much time in the Sharlayan colony of Dravania, along with her exemplared instructor and scholar of a mother, Rika Hijiri. While only brief and infrequent visits to the mainland of Sharlayan were ever done, one with some knowledge of the culture and people may be able to identify her as a practitioner of manoutics and greater sorcery. Or, at the very least, have heard of her mother. Or, perhaps, the legendary Primal of Eat, the Bringer of the End (Of Snacks), Kuru the Carbuncle?

  • A Promise Unforgotten: It is no secret Reppu is an adamant believer in justice, exacting and ensuring it is brought to a swift and absolute end. Her passion is to the point of zealotry, but there is a method to the madness, and a promise kept close to the chest to carry her onward.

  • Embrace the Anima: Reppu's life force is vibrant, and is one of her most dominating traits. To the point her ability to use intuitive magic at a whim is probably one of her greatest strengths, her deep connection with the natural flow of the world and the things within it allows a certain level of immediate knowledge when it comes to 'living, breathing items'. Anima flows in everything.

  • Dark Seeker: Not a hunter of game, but of threats and denizens of the dark, Reppu is never afraid to get her hands dirty in smiting that which does not belong in this world. Be it voidsent, 'Others', or anything else, the world is far better off with out such entities plaguing it. When engaging against powerful beasts, a talking cat is never too far behind...

  • Quell Hunter: Running a shop has not been the most profitable experience, and a life of adventure is one that is impossible to ignore for long. Now, Reppu operates a 'Quell Digging and Identifying' service; artifacts that allow even the most aetherically null person to wield magic like they were trained for years.

  • A Touch of Blood: 'Hijiri' is a name drunk deep in the Age of Blood, but any mentioning of such is at best getting a shrug from the woman. "Ask my mother about that, do you think I was even around for that time?". She has very little care toward the affairs of her Hingan side of things, despite keeping the name.

  • Land and Sky: Reppu's father, known as 'Regius de Auventi', is an archeologist and historian of history shared between the Landlords and Skylords. As such, in helping her father maintain his collection, Reppu has an eye for older pieces of history dating back a thousand years or so. Reppu herself rarely goes by the titleship of 'de Auventi', instead opting for her oddly more negative heirship from her mother.

Hi! I am Reppu, nice to meet you! I am an incredibly active Roleplayer, keen on long term and short term engagements. Lore-abiding with a slice of absurdity for the sake of flavor, anything sensible is up for grabs.Just be respectful, be polite, and know that while the Raen might be an abrasive punk, I myself try my best to be considerate to everyone I engage with. Thank you for looking at this thing!For those looking to fight this funny little Raen... keep in mind you probably are going to lose with out some discussion involved. Going on a nine year plus tenure in this game creates 'a lot to lose' over the average person seeking a fight. By all means, I encourage (polite) conflict! ... But just be prepared to get laid out flat. Seriously, look at those muscles!PS: Sorry about Kuru. But not sorry.